Men's Ministry at Bethel Church

The Men's Ministry at Bethel Church aims to foster an authentic community of Christ-followers among the male members of the congregation. Their mission is to help men grow in the gospel together and live on a mission for Christ's Kingdom. Here are some ways for men to get involved and connected:

  1. Weekly Men's Groups: Bethel Church offers several small groups specifically designed for men. These groups serve as a platform for men to connect with one another while studying and applying God's word to their lives. It provides an opportunity for mutual support and growth in faith.
  2. Monthly Guys' Nights & Fun Events: The Men's Ministry holds monthly gatherings on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm for "Guys' Nights." During these gatherings, there is time for food and fellowship, followed by a short talk on a relevant topic, and then breakout discussions where men can share their thoughts and experiences. Additionally, the Men's Ministry organizes fun athletic events and service opportunities several times a year to mix things up and provide diverse opportunities for fellowship and bonding.
  3. Annual Retreat: One of the highlights of the Men's Ministry is the annual retreat that takes place every spring. The retreat is typically held at Camp Stapley in Prescott, AZ, and spans over a weekend. During the retreat, men engage in in-depth teachings and discussions, focusing on deepening their relationship with God and with each other. It serves as a time of spiritual renewal and connection.

For men interested in getting involved or knowing about upcoming events, they can refer to the church calendar for event details or subscribe to the Men's Ministry newsletter to receive timely notifications.